Hello and welcome to my website! As a psychologist, I have always believed that good therapy builds upon a trusting, working relationship between therapist and client. For me, each client is a unique individual with his or her own special needs, feelings and life experiences. Of most importance in my professional work, is that my clients see me as a psychologist who listens with respect and empathy to what he or she tells me.

Barbara Rosenberg

Services Offered and Specialties

I provide therapy for children, adolescents, and adults as well as families, couples and individuals. My work with children and teens includes the family in conjunction with treatment in addition to consultations with schools and child study teams. My specialties include eating disorders, anxiety and mood disorders, adjustment disorders that center around relationship loss, chronic illness, family conflict, employment stress, and general life transitions such as marriage, separation and divorce, and childbirth as well as extensive work with both women and couples undergoing infertility treatments.